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How does almond intake help in weight loss?

Almonds sharpens our brain as well as it also helps to reduce weight. It contain many nutrients which help in reducing weight by keeping the body healthy. You can eat almonds at any time. Everyone thinks there are high amounts of fatty acids in nuts, due to which they keep away from consuming nuts while reducing weight. But almond is one of the only nuts that is helpful in reducing weight. It contains nutritious ingredients such as vitamin E, magnesium, which are helpful in weight loss. So, let us talk about how almonds are helpful in reducing weight:

  • Good Fat: Almond contains high amounts of fatty acids like Omega 9, Omega 6 and Omega 3 which are beneficial for the body. Almonds contain unsaturated fat which prevents cardio vascular disease. Also, keeping blood sugar levels constant, do not allow bad cholesterol to accumulate in the arteries.

  • High amount of fiber: Almond peels contain high amount of dietary fiber which help keep digestion healthy. If food is not digested properly, due to which acidity, bloating might be possible. This whole food changes in fat which starts accumulating in the body. Because of this, weight can increase. Therefore, almonds should be eaten without peeling for losing weight.

  • Reduces Belly Fat: Almonds contain high amounts of proteins which help in developing mass in lean muscles. It reduces the body mass index while keeping monounsaturated fat balanced in the body. Almond targets the deposits in the lower part of the stomach, which causes less belly fat.

  • Best Snacks: Almond is the best snack to eat anything in between meals. It contains sufficient quantity of monounsaturated fat, proteins and fibers which causes you to feel that your stomach is full. Remember that only whole almonds can be consumed. Do not eat salt-rich almonds, it increases the intake of sodium in the body.

Health Benefits:

  • Decreases Cholesterol

  • Treatment for Anemia

  • Weight Loss

  • Boosts Energy

  • Birth Defects

  • Prevents Cancer

  • Protect against Diabeties

  • Improving Brain Power


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