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Author George Schuyler

George Samuel Schuyler (1895 – 1977) was an African- American author born in Providence, Rhode island USA. He was also a journalist and above all a social commentator. He was well known in his era for his conservative views .He was a critic, a book reviewer, a good writer, a journalist and an International correspondent. But besides his innumerable achievements he has almost been forgotten by today’s generation. Many famous books regarding African –American literature and details of authors do not have an account of American writer George Samuel Schuyler. Important works like Contemporary Black Biography, Dictionary of American Negro Biography and Who’s Who among African Americans have no mention of the author’s name. It is startling that such a great author’s autobiography – Black and Conservative has only one copy so far. It seems as the though the author George Samuel Schuyler never existed.

George Samuel Schuyler was born on 25th February 1895. He grew up in New York with his parents and even as a child he was very intelligent. He learnt to read and write even before going to school. His father died when he was young and his mother remarried. George Samuel Schuyler went to school in Syracuse and at the age of seventeen he joined the Army. He served the Army for seven years and it was during this time that he developed his journalism skills. Later he wrote about his experiences in the Army in his books Woof and Black Warriors and also in his autobiography. George Samuel Schuyler went on to marry a woman from a very wealthy family and they had one daughter. His daughter was also exceptionally talented and had a great IQ. She was unfortunately killed at an early age during the Vietnam War when she was helping some children to escape to a safer place. George Samuel Schuyler’s wife also died soon after. Both these events left him devastated but he fought back and sought solace in his work.

George Samuel Schuyler with the help of his friends put out his work of five years to the public eye through The Messenger. These works caught the eye of Ira F. Lewis who was the manager of the Pittsburgh Courier. This marked the beginning of writer George Samuel Schuyler’s career as a journalist. American author George Samuel Schuyler’s works were usually satirical and he was categorised as an iconoclast as he was used to criticizing anything that people worshipped and condemning the norms of the society. He believed in remaining true to himself rather than any group and let his thoughts flow freely .As a result of this even his Black brothers were not happy with his attitude and society paid back to his deeds by forgetting him and his works.

The Reds and I is one of the most controversial works of author George Samuel Schuyler. He has even been criticized by The Crisis for his statements against Martin Luther King.

Work History

  • When Black Weds White
  • The Caucasian Problem
  • Khrushchev’s African Foothold
  • Do Negroes Want to be White?

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