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Akbar Conquests

Akbar’s expansion of his empire started out with the conquest of north India. To begin with, he sent a strong force to Malwa. Baz Bahadur, the ruler of Malwa, was defeated and the state merged to the Mughal Empire. Akbar Conquests list of province: Malwa Year: 1560-62 From: Baz Bahadur …

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Buddhist universities of ancient India

Nalanda University Place: Badagaon (Bihar) Founder: Kumaragupta first Odantapuri Place: Biharsharif (Bihar) Founder: Gopala (Pala Ruler) Vickramasila Place: Bhagalpur (Bihar) Founder: Dharmapala (Pala Ruler) Somapura Place: North Bengal Founder: Dharmapala (Pala Ruler) jagaddala Place: Bengal Founder: Ramapala (Pala Ruler) Vallabhi Place: Gujarat Founder: Bhattarka

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24 Tirthankar Names

Tirthankaras are quite normal man, born as human, but by their concentrated practice of kindness, equanimity and meditation, he conquers the state of a Tirthankara. Thus, a Tirthankar is a unique who destroys attachment with all the earthly belongings and relations, he frees himself completely from ignorance. Find 24 Tirthankar …

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