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Cumin Seeds(जीरा)

What is Cumin?

Cumin seeds is a kind of spice used in all the houses. This spice raises the taste of eating, that is why people use it to make food. Cumin is like a small sized seed. It is made by drying the small aromatic flowers of a plant. There are various types of elements found in cumin, which are very beneficial for the human body. Due to the potent elements found in the cumin, it is not fair to give it only the name of the spice. This is an Ayurvedic medicine, by which we can cure many diseases. You can use whole seed of cumin and cumin powder to improve your health.

Benefits of cumin:

  • Is helpful in weight loss

    It is also used as a weight loss diet. A 2014 study published in Clinical Practice’s Complimentary Therapy has highlighted the positive effects of cumin powder on the body weight and obesity structure of women and lipid profile. It is highly helpful in reducing fat and cholesterol in the body. Apart from this, it stimulates your metabolic processes and reduces the desire to eat your food. For easy ways to lose weight:
    -Fry cumin seeds.
    -Grind this roasted cumin with the help of Mixer and make the powder.
    -Eat twice a day by mixing one gram of this powder with yogurt. This will reduce your weight easily.

  • Effective treatment of bloating

    Bloating is also a factor of gas in the stomach. It can also cause stomach pain. You may be suffering from bloating due to constipation or dyspepsia premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and irretitable bowel syndrome (IBS). A 2013 study published in the Middle East Journal of Digestive Diseases says that Irritable Bowel Syndrome, including cumin bloating, is effective in improving the symptoms of all. To remove bloating complaint:
    -Pour 1 cup of water to boil.
    -Add 1 pinch of cumin seeds, ginger powder and sea salt as well as half a teaspoon of fennel seeds.
    -Let it boil over low flame for five minutes.
    -After filtering, let it cool down and drink.
    -Repeat this process if needed.

  • Relaxation with Colic pain

    Due to its airborne properties, cumin is also a successful treatment for pain in the colic. Pain in the abdomen of the children is very common and the cumin seeds can be relieved by pain in the abdomen. To get rid of Colic Pain:
    -Put one spoon cumin in one cup.
    -Put hot water in this cup and cover it.
    -Filter it after 15 minutes.
    -Give your child 1-2 tsp of this solution.

  • Beat anemia

    The biggest cause of anemia is the lack of iron in the body. Due to being a rich source of iron, cumin is also capable of cure anemia.
    1 tsp cumin powder nourishes your body with 4 mg of iron. Iron contained in it promotes the production of red blood cells and also eliminates the symptoms of exhaustion. It also improves your metabolic processes. To remove iron deficiency and to protect the body from anemia, include cumin powder in your daily diet. Tiredness from this also provides relief from symptoms of cognitive impairment and digestive disorders such as anemia.

  • To increase mother’s milk

    Cumin is rich in calcium and iron, both of which are good for pregnant and breastfeeding women. It stimulates production of breast milk and increases its volume. Apart from this, it is also helpful for mothers to bring back lost power and agility after childbirth. To increase breast milk:
    -Mix one spoon cumin powder in a glass of hot milk.
    -Mix honey’s sweetness in it.
    -Use it for a few weeks before sleeping after dinner daily.

  • Increases memory

    The anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties contained in the cumin improves memory as well as concentration levels. It is also a successful treatment of Alzheimer’s and related memory disorders coming along with age. It also has various types of Vitamin B and Vitamin E, which stimulates the nerves and improves the functioning of the brain. According to a study published in Pharmaceutical Biology in 2011, consuming cumin seeds regularly improves memory and stress is also less on the mind. Eat half a tablespoon roasted cumin and exhale your memory.

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