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Keeper Password Manager

What is Keeper Password Manager?

Password Keeper is an app to keep all your passwords, logins, and other information safe and secure. It allows you to store all that information in a single location for easy access and reference.

Your information is encrypted and protected using two-factor authentication, 256-bit AES encryption and zero-knowledge architecture. Files and passwords in Keeper can be synced, backed up in the cloud, and shared using HTTPS and a locally stored encryption key.

Pro’s and Con’s of Keeper Password Manager


Supports all kinds of common web browsers and platforms. It supports even Linux

Advanced features such as secured password sharing utility.

Reasonable emphasis on two-factor authentication

Offers storage and is secure and synced.

10GB limit on the files users can store and upload safely


Lack of features such as drag & drop for easy organization of passwords in user folders.

Competing products offer more features

Features such as password capture and replay don’t come with complete automation.

Keeper Benefits

Keeper is compatible with a variety of devices including desktops, laptops, and smartphones and also all the web browsers. As the license includes unlimited devices, one can simply install the software on all the devices for his use.

To enhance the data security, the user data is secured and encrypted at the device level and not in software’s servers or in the cloud. This makes the software a ‘zero memory system’ in which no other person or machine knows the personal details of a person other than him or his personal devices.

Keeper brings together privacy, security, and access control in one place; making it easy for the manager to keep the sensitive data of the company safe. Apart from the security, the added management features such as delegated administration and user provisioning assist managers in making office work more efficient and productive.

Keeper admin console

Features of Keeper Password Manager

  • Random Password Generation

  • Password Management

  • Centralized Administration

  • Security Ratings

  • Passwords’ audits

  • Active Directory Integration

  • Folder Sharing

  • Cross-platform Compatibility

  • BYOD Integration

  • Live Support

  • Password Policy Generation

  • User Provisioning

  • Delegated Management

  • Cloud-based Solution

Price Charges by Keeper Password Manager

Keeper security offers three different enterprise pricing packages, prices for which differ according to the number of subscribers and the added features. Here are the details:

Individual – $29.99/user/year

  • Unlimited storage for passwords

  • Unlimited number of devices

  • Cloud backup

  • Secured record sharing

  • Live support

  • Web application

Family – $59.99/5 users/year

  • All Individual package features

  • File storage up to 10 GB

  • Login with fingerprint

Business – $30/user/year

  • Admin panel

  • Unlimited number devices

  • Role-based access control

  • SSO/SAML, AD, and LDAP integrations

  • Reporting

  • Auditing

  • Policy generation and enforcement

  • Live Support

  • BYOD integration

You can download Keeper Password Manager from here:

Playstore Appstore

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